Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services is comprised of several services focused on improving network performance and reliability, providing a single point of contact to coordinate all management activities. The service can be used as an existing team backup or as an effective network management solution.
The service includes, among others, the following activities:

  • Monitoring / Proactive management 24x7 of all the active elements of the Telecom and IT Network environment:
    • Incident Management - Understands the management activities of all incidents from the opening to the closure given by the failures and alarm conditions. About 85% of incidents are resolved remotely by the NOC. For others, according to impact and urgency, the NOC team scales the incident to levels 2 or 3 of support or redirects it to the customer's own support team.
    • Configuration Management - Provides a relationship model of the entire IT infrastructure by identifying, controlling and verifying the versions of all existing items.
    • Monitoring of Services - Monitoring the availability and response time of the main services provided by the network.
    • Performance Management - Collection, analysis and maintenance of performance data providing network metrics including utilization, availability, capacity and planning.
  • Registration of calls, allowing the opening and follow-up of the same by the client through a Web interface;
  • Technical analysis of the environment through specialized professionals;
  • Proactively acting through identification and diagnosis.
  • Management reports allowing the customer to have a clear view on what is happening in their IT environment.