The Xpertech Technical Support Service provides the necessary infrastructure for support activities through a Contact Center and a Protal of Requests ensuring a minimum response time for all requests. For each recorded incident, a unique identification ticket will be provided, used throughout the incident management cycle from registration to closure.
The service provides a single point of contact for all incidents according to the items covered under contract.
The service can be offered during the commercial period (8x5) and can be extended up to a continuous support based on the 24x7 regime with or without calls limits during the contractual term.
The Xpertech offers technical support in two modes:
Remote Technical Support is performed through our Contact Center with the following activities of "Help Desk" with the purpose of register and give remote support to the client:
  • Register and record the occurrences that cover doubts, failures or clarifications about the equipment.
  • Provide information to the client regarding the progress of the recorded occurrence.
  • Manage the solution of occurrences and establish contact with the client to close them.
  • Depending on availability or problem, remotely access equipment for support and troubleshooting when authorized by the customer.
  • Generate event control reports with opening and closing times.
  • To support the client in the solution of failures or systemic problems.
  • Forward within the company requests and improvements in the system.
  • Guide the client regarding the need for training to improve the performance of their staff.
  • Clarify doubts regarding operational procedures.
  • Aim and guide the need for system improvements as well as the availability of new features.
  • Provide information on new products and new versions.
  • Provide assistance via telephone contact to analyze and resolve problem requests
  • Scale problems as needed through defined procedures.
On-site Techinal Support occurs when there is a need for direct intervention (immediate or scheduled) on the customer's equipment or infrastructure. In this case we send an engineer to the site to solve the problem that has left the client's equipment or infrastructure in operation.
We offer 4 types of Technical Support Service:

  • Support 8 × 5xNBD Remote (SLA 6h)
  • Support 8 × 5xNBD On Site (SLA 6h)
  • Support 24 × 7 Remote (SLA 4h)
  • Support 24 × 7 On Site (SLA 4h)

Consult our sales department for customized options for your needs.